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We want you to know us personally: how we started, what values we live by, the strategy that drives us, and how we define success.

Expertise in Exterior Cleaning since 2012. 

What We're About

Southern Outdoor Restoration was founded on the thesis that property services can be delivered at scale AND maintain a personalized service experience through the injection of professionalism and technology (in an industry that had lacked in those two areas historically). Today, we've been very affirmed that our thesis was correct. Our team views itself as a technology company that just happens to be in the pressure washing and exterior cleaning business. Our clients are proud to be part of our exciting story of revolutionizing an industry and creating amazing jobs and careers.


Our Strategy

Front load growth with capacity

Growth can come about proactively or reactively. From the start, we've always held the investor mindset that we should stay ahead of our future needs but investing in the present. We invest in the next truck in advance of when we really need it. We invest in the next Account Manager before we really need them. We invest in another member on the accounting team, in the next warehouse, in a more robust software platform, etc etc... always with the future in mind. This investment approach ensures a smooth experience for our clients and our employees as we stay on a steep trajectory of growth.

Good ethics is great business

Core Value #4 is "Do the Right Thing." Holding to this value is always the best business decision. Long tenured relationships with our clients and our team members is a critical component to our strategy. Relationships are delicate and need to be nurtured with years of proven integrity and empathy. Client and employee turnover is expensive, and we are good stewards of our finances by being good stewards of our relationships.

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We believe the reward for hard work is more work. We've been hard at work since 2012.


  • Southern Outdoor Restoration was founded in February of 2012 by Tyler Graybeal.
  • Performance Auto Mall Project - SOR's first large commercial client was Hendrick's Performance Auto Mall in Chapel Hill.

Grew 73%

  • Designed and built Box Truck 1
  • Developed HOA specialization
  • First pressure washing company to become a user of Service Trade


Grew 98%

  • Garrett Dysart joined on July 1
  • The growing team breaks double digit headcount

Grew 25%

  • Moved into Tryon Road Warehouse

Grew 83%

  • Designed and built our first flatbeds
  • Built custom project websites, digitized customer experience
  • Crystal Whittenton comes on board in June

Grew 34%

  • Moved into Northside Drive warehouse

Grew 40%

  • Brought on our first Account Manager - Carson Woodell
  • Bought the current warehouse

Grew 48%

  • Built custom web app "SOR Notifications"
  • Launched self-perform gutter cleaning division

Grew 23%

  • Never reduced hours or compensation due to Covid

Grew 55%

  • Feb - Closed on the Acquisition of Vortex Pro Wash

Grew 20%

  • Launched new website
  • Won BOMA-RDU Vendor of the Year

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    Our Mission


    Our Vision


    Our Values




    Customer Commitment


    Join the Best Exterior Services Contractor in the Southeast

    It's fun to be on a winning team.
    SOR has quickly grown to be a company that is trusted by the most experienced property managers in our region. Our growth has fueled promotions, new colleagues, and exciting changes over the years. We've grown 40% on average every year since 2012. Growth has come with challenges, but the individuals here overcome them because they believe in the vision. They believe that their lives, the lives of their families, their colleagues, their colleague's families, our clients, and our community are better off simply because SOR exists.

    We actually live out our core values.
    Core Values are not just words found on a poster in the breakroom. They are the standards that guide our actions in the present and shape our plans for the future. They are the glue that holds our team together and keeps everyone accountable to one another. They are core to our identity. Find out more about who we are and what we're about.
    Once people join, they stay.
    People don't leave jobs; they leave leaders. At SOR, we not only invest in the employee base as a whole but we are constantly investing in the next generation of leaders at our company who manage teams in all of our departments. Here, people are known, they are valued, they are celebrated and as a result, they are loyal.

    You can see the results of your work every day.
    For the vast majority of our team, they spent their time in the field every day. They are making properties cleaner, safer, and prettier. Our team loves driving through town saying, "we washed that one last week!" or "we start that one in two weeks!" If you are on the Sales Team, your work is tangible too. You are removing worry and instilling confidence in your customers. The jobs you add to the schedule are 100% the means through which your colleagues on the Operations Team earn their living. If you work in Finance, Accounting, HR, or the Services Team, you are making sure that the whole company is getting what it needs to be successful and ready for the future.

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