Mission, Vision, Values & Safety

We’re proud of our culture. It's what drives us every day.
Our Mission

To deliver compelling value in property services through professionalism, innovation, and technology.

Compelling Value

Compelling Value is comprehensible worth that inspires action, aspiration, or acquisition. Value can be measured as a ratio of results to cost incurred. Compelling value is what attracts and keeps our team members dedicated to their careers here at SOR.  The value we propose to potential clients compels them to hire us for the first time. The value we deliver to our current clients ensures loyalty in perpetuity.


Technology is the software and the hardware that increases transparency, efficiency and consistency in the context of delivering our services.  Technology allows us to unlock a level of automation and reliability that our clients may not have thought possible yesterday.  Utilizing technology keeps our team members focused on responsibilities and interactions that benefit from a personal touch. 


Innovation at SOR looks like modernizing in order to fit a need.  When we innovate, we free ourselves from the constraints of the usual or what others are doing. Either from scratch or by improving an existing process, we innovate to increase efficiency and profitability. Innovation adds to our enjoyment and pride - we're not just performing a task; we're creating and improving.


Professionalism for us is defined by both the expertise in our field as well as the manner with which we conduct ourselves.  We are professionals at performing the services we offer and we are dedicated to developing our expertise.  We are professionals at communicating with our clients and one another.  We are kind, respectful, confident, dependable, trustworthy, organized, and take responsibility for our mistakes.

Property Services

Property Services are the fulfillments of needs on a structure or the associated grounds.  For our work, we are addressing the needs associated with maintaining the structural integrity of an asset and also the needs associated with maintaining a property's aesthetics.  The properties we serve are places of residence, places of work, and places of business.  We fulfill these needs through a combination of specialized labor, specialized techniques, and specialized equipment. 
Our Vision

To elevate expectations in the property services industry for the ways people are empowered and projects are experienced.


Our Core Values

Invest in our team

  • We treat our team with dignity and respect.
  • We ensure our team members are known, opportunities are provided, and growth is celebrated.
  • We build a culture where leadership is transparent, honest, accessible, and genuine.

Execute with discipline

  • We say what we’re going to do, we do it, and we tell you that it’s done.
  • We are known for our reliability, responsiveness, and attention to detail.
  • We are focused and intentional when it comes to safety.

Pursue constant improvement

  • We strive to be consultative experts in our field and leaders in our industry.
  • We embrace technology that enhances customer and employee experiences.
  • We welcome ongoing training and seek to develop personally and professionally.

Do the right thing

  • We are honest, ethical, and worthy of trust.
  • We do our work with excellence for the sake of our personal character.
  • We never compromise long term goals for short term gains


We intimately understand the regulations for our industry set forth by OSHA and ANSI; we train and retrain our teams on a regular cadence; we hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable daily.