Our Customer Commitment

You will never have to wonder if the work has been done, when the work will be done, or how the work will be done.

Communication is Key

Professional, Responsive Communication

Each project has a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring you stay highly informed all the way from quote to invoice.

Quotes Delivered Quickly

We want your business, and we know you don’t have time to waste.

Reminder Communication is Automated

We remove the chance for human error in our simplest and most necessary communications.

Thorough, Modern Resident & Tenant Notifications

Let us handle alerting your residents and tenants with automated notifications and user-friendly websites.

Real-time Updates on Project Progression

Don’t wonder, know. We let you know what we finished each day and what’s up next for tomorrow.


Proactive Alerts

Things don’t always go perfectly. If it’s weather, equipment or some unforeseen challenge.  The problem with vendors is not that those things happen – it’s that they don’t communicate about it. We won’t commit the cardinal sin of bringing you a problem without a solution.

We do our work with excellence for the sake of our personal character.

At SOR character matters, and we hold ourselves to a high standard. That being said, mistakes happen, but we own ours and correct them. If we ever breach that trust, we want to hear about it. Your feedback is valued and heard.

We welcome your feedback. It helps us grow into the company you want us to be! Please take 3 minutes and complete our Brand Survey.

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Let's Talk About Your Project

Every project is different. We want to talk to you about yours.


One of our awesome account managers will reach out to you today.


Carson Woodell

Director of Sales

Steve Patrick

Account Manager

Christine Leaf

Account Manager

Brittan White

Account Manager

Melissa Rhodes

Business Development Manager

Brian Talty

Account Manager