Custom Recurring Services

There is a recurring nature to most every exterior cleaning need. The precise scope and cadence of the exterior cleaning solutions must be tailored to each property and evaluated frequently.

Recurring Services Explained

You need predictable outcomes
Projects that are reactive to reported needs are very tough to budget for. Our experienced team of consultative experts will provide you with an annualized maintenance rotation plan that details our recommended service scope and cadence for each asset within the community/property.

Why Recurring?

Put your services on autopilot

Automation leads to consistency. Automate your predictable needs so that services never fall through the cracks again. We know plans need to change sometimes, if we ever need to amend, shift or cancel services – That’s fine. It’s easier to change a plan than it is to build a new one from scratch each time.

Budget Predictability

Having a baseline of recurring services set up for your community/property provides a high degree of confidence for the “what/when/how much” of the ongoing maintenance needs. In a way, we provide a crystal ball of future maintenance that you can share with property owners, or the HOA’s board of directors.

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An Example of
A Recurring Services Plan

Let’s look at Bent Creek, managed by Towne Properties as an example. This 349 unit townhome community features amenities and a large amount of tree cover. Bent Creek has a total of 7 services to maintain the entire property throughout the year:

February – Full community gutter cleaning

May – Pool house and pool deck pressure washing

Every Other June (Odd years) – Phase 1, 2, 3, & 7 community pressure washing

Every Other June (Even years) – Phase 4, 5, & 6 community pressure washing

June - Full community gutter cleaning

October - Full community gutter cleaning

December - Full community gutter cleaning


How We Administer Recurring Services

Thorough Administration

Each aspect of our administrative process was designed and built with the property manager’s job in mind. Every year towards the end of budget season, we will schedule all of the following year's jobs for services that we have set up as "recurring" in our system. We'll then send you a service summary for the following year for every property with:

Scope Summaries

Service Dates

Budget Summaries by Service Line


Streamline Alerts Through Our

Proprietary Notification App

We'll send you, through the proprietary Southern Outdoor Restoration notifications app:

1-Month Out Reminders

2-Week Out Reminders

Day Before Reminders

Any tenant or resident notification content you need.

See, we really are a property manager's dream. Visit our Case Studies page to see our Proprietary Notification App in action.


"I have worked with many vendors over the years, and Tyler/Southern Outdoor Restoration is one of the best. Tyler and SOR go above and beyond to get the job completed correctly and on time. Reminders, detailed photos, custom project maps, have made my projects easier to keep track of. Communication and innovation is what keeps Tyler and his team at the top of my recommendation list."

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