St. Patrick’s Catholic School

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We were contacted by the Charlotte Roman Catholic Diocese midway through their fiscal year and we were charged with defining a scope to address the most pressing cleaning needs on a fixed budget. We worked with our operations team to build a scope that maximized cleaning within budget constraints. Our technicians met some challenges with stubborn organic growth and staining on the nearly 100-year old building but their persistence and patience was rewarded with a fantastic result. The job was finished on time.

Keystone Townhomes

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In this community, we complete one full community gutter cleaning service annually. Like many communities, not all units are in close proximity to treelines but the community wants to be proactive to ensure that all gutter lines on each unit are cleared and functioning properly on an annual basis. In this community, the roof pitches are steep enough for us to utilize roof hook style temporary anchors. Additionally, the roofs are in good enough condition that do not need to use any positioning equipment and therefore can move very efficiently from building to building. Even if there are not trees in close proximity to a gutter clean, we visually inspect all of them and confirm downspouts are free of clogs.

Cortland Research Park

Technology MediaCase Study, Community Pressure Washing, For HOA, Multifamily & Communities

Case StudyCortland Research ParkHave a similar property or project?Contact our TeamWork Performed:Breezeway Pressure WashingSouthern Outdoor Restoration prepared the breezeways by covering all fire alarm pull stations and other hard-wired electronics. We employed our soft wash process to safely remove all …