Gutter Cleaning Preparation


Do I need to be home?

No, there is no special preparation needed and you do not need to be at home while we clean your gutters.  Please note, however, that we will be accessing your walkways and decks in order to clean any debris that comes down.  We will do our best to work around any furniture or decorations on your property for a clean result.

Where do you put the leaves?
This may vary depending on your community.  We typically blow debris from roofs and gutters off of your walkways, patios, and decks and into any 'natural' area that the leaves accumulate when they fall from the trees.  

Why didn't I see your crew cleaning my gutters?

  • We may not have gotten to your unit yet, as we work our way through your community.  Some projects take multiple days and are affected by weather
  • If your community has contiguous roofs for multiple units, we may have accessed your roof from another part of the building, making our ladders less visible
  • We work quickly and efficiently.  We like to believe that if we are doing our jobs well, we will be in and out of your community with very little disruption.  If, however, you have any questions, concerns, or comments we would love to hear from you with the form below!

How do you check downspouts?
This may change depending on the setup of your gutters and downspouts.  Typically we clear and check downspouts from the roof by inserting the leaf blower into the top of the downspout, forming an airtight seal.  With this our trained and experienced technicians can feel blockages, see dirt and/or debris coming out, or determine whether a closer examination is necessary.