Preparation Instructions

Preparation helps achieve the best results.
If your HOA provided you with a specific website link for your community, please note that site will have more details for your specific job, including a map, dates, and scope.  This page is for general preparation instructions prior to any pressure washing job and is not customized to any one neighborhood.  If you have questions or need to contact us, please feel free to use the form below and we will be with you promptly.  Thank you!

Please help us ensure the best wash result possible by temporarily removing ALL potted plants, grills, cloth furniture, electronics, and breakable décor away from your siding and entrances so that the technician may easily access all areas he is to clean. We ask that you keep your windows securely closed.
If you selected driveway cleaning, please be sure to clear the driveway and park elsewhere on your service date (before 8 AM please) so our technicians can clean the full surface.
Our process: we will first apply our biodegradable mildewcide solution to all facades of the home at a low pressure.  Afterward, we will complete a full fresh-water rinse to ensure a uniform finish. The mildewcide will kill the gray and green spores of the mildew and prevent them from returning 4-5 times longer than if we used any high-pressure techniques to remove the growth.

Do I need to be home?  No, but please do complete our preparation instructions prior to 8 AM on your scheduled wash day.  (Our technicians generally complete work between 8 AM and 4 PM and your schedule may vary.) If your service includes the driveway, you'll want to park elsewhere so we can complete the work.
Will this process damage my home?  No. We use a low pressure process described below.  We do have some disclaimers, especially for areas that are damaged prior to our arrival.  Please read them thoroughly (below).

What about my plants?  Plants can be sensitive to pressure washing, especially if they're new or if we're experiencing hot or dry weather.  We ask you to remove potted plants.  For other plants, we avoid getting our solution onto them as much as possible and if they appear sensitive, we can spray them with fresh water before and after the pressure washing in order to help shield them.  You may notice some wilting or signs of stress, but they will generally bounce back as long and they receive proper care in the days after the wash.  Our technicians are trained to take special care with your property and the combination of our caution and your preparation will ensure the best possible results.

My locks are sticking a bit since the pressure washing... what can I do?  Sometimes, despite our efforts to prevent this, a bit of water intrudes into the lock and flushes out the lubricant that keeps your lock working smoothly. Any penetrating oil or lubricant (WD-40, etc.) should resolve that quickly. If you continue to have issues, please let us know. ​​​

I have electronic items I can't bring inside (electronic locks, security cameras, doorbell cameras, etc.) What is the best practice?
  We advise two things: place a ziploc bag over the item and use painters tape to secure it. This both protects your item and alerts us to use extra caution in that area. Secondly, if you are concerned we won't see the item, you can contact us (form below) with your address and date of service (include your HOA name) and advise us to avoid it. We will take special care to alert our technicians.

- Unless otherwise specified, our wash process will not remove rust stains, efflorescence, calcium/lime build up, graffiti, vinyl oxidation, artillery fungus, ​or ​tar/asphalt stains on gutter faces and other surfaces​.​
- Cracked, faded, peeling paint, loose masonry, and/or rotten wood may be exposed during the wash process but is not caused by the work we complete​.​
We complete our work under the following assumptions:
- Windows and Doors are securely sealed and closed.  ​
- Double pane windows​​ have intact thermal seals. 
- Electrical outlets and fixtures are wired to code​, ​grounded properly​, and GFCI protected​.  ​
- Paint does not contain any organic dyes that will react to the sodium hypochlorite in our mildewcide solution. 
- We utilize a <1% bleach solution to perform our soft washing, which is a high enough quantity (even if diluted by rinsing) to discolor clothing if it comes into direct contact prior to drying. Please be sure to give technicians and wet areas a safe distance to avoid being splashed with water that can damage your clothing.
​SOR cannot be held responsible for damages, labor, or material costs for rectifying any of the above situations.

If you have concerns about your home and wish to advise us to skip your unit due to broken windows or other issues, please use the form below to contact us right away.  Thank you!