Disclaimers, Process, and Frequently Asked Questions

Page last updated: 08/26/2019


  • Do I need to be home?  No, but please do complete our preparation instructions prior to 8 AM on your scheduled wash day.  (Our technicians generally complete work between 8 AM and 4 PM and your schedule may vary.) Preparation instructions are provided on the flyer, your custom community website, and here: Preparation Instructions
  • What is your scope of work?  For HOA projects, we will provide details on your custom website. In general, we are hired to wash the exterior siding. Unless specifically stated, we will not be washing screened porches, patios, decks, stoops/ steps, fences, driveways, or sidewalks.   For screen porches, we will only clean the exterior painted/vinyl surfaces if there are not any sensitive contents inside.  The process removes mildew, algae, pollen, cobwebs, and loose dirt from the surfaces included in the contracted scope of work. If your HOA does not cover pressure washing these items, you can always request a quote from us directly.
  • Why do I need to clear my deck / porch / patio if you are only pressure washing the building facades?  Sensitive items such as potted plants, cloth cushions, decorations, and electronics need to be removed from outside the home in order for the buildings to get cleaned.  Overspray of the cleaning solution, access for our technicians, safe working conditions, and maneuvering high pressure hose are all reasons why those items need to be removed from around the area where the work will be completed.


  • Will this process damage my home?  No. We use a low pressure process.  We do have some disclaimers, especially for areas that are damaged prior to our arrival.  Please read them thoroughly (above).


  • I have electronic items I can't bring inside (electronic locks, security cameras, doorbell cameras, etc.) What is the best practice?  We advise two things: place a ziploc bag over the item and use painters tape to secure it. This both protects your item and alerts us to use extra caution in that area. Secondly, if you are concerned we won't see the item, you can contact us (form below) with your address and date of service (include your HOA name) and advise us to avoid it. We will take special care to alert our technicians.

  • What about my plants?  Plants can be sensitive to pressure washing, especially if they're new or if we're experiencing hot or dry weather.  We ask you to remove potted plants.  For other plants, we avoid getting our solution onto them as much as possible and if they appear sensitive, we can spray them with fresh water before and after the pressure washing in order to help shield them.  You may notice some wilting or signs of stress, but they will generally bounce back as long and they receive proper care in the days after the wash.  Our technicians are trained to take special care with your property and the combination of our caution and your preparation will ensure the best possible results.


  • Why do I need to clear my items off of areas that aren't being washed (i.e. front or back porches in communities where that isn't included in the scope of work)?  We care about keeping your items safe. When we wash your siding, our detergents may drip or splash anything under it - including items on your patio.  When residents clear items in advance, it helps us ensure we don't damage your items inadvertently and it's always our goal to take care of the community to the best of our ability.

  • My locks are sticking a bit since the pressure washing... what can I do?  Sometimes, despite our efforts to prevent this, a bit of water intrudes into the lock and flushes out the lubricant that keeps your lock working smoothly. Any penetrating oil or lubricant (WD-40, etc.) should resolve that quickly. If you continue to have issues, please let us know.   
  • Can you effectively clean my home without extension poles or ladders?  Yes. Actually, we use the ideal process for the best results. We use an industry standard soft wash process to remove mildew, algae, pollen, cobwebs, and loose dirt from the painted surfaces and vinyl.  That process uses detergent and water volume to clean instead of water pressure.  We are using the pressure washer machine in that scenario simply as a means of applying the detergent solution and then rinsing it off.  We are certified by the PWNA to complete this process.  High pressure cleaning techniques can be potentially damaging to the substrates we are cleaning and could even void some siding manufacturer warranties. 

  • Still have questions? We are happy to help! Simply contact us and we will be in touch quickly!


  • Unless otherwise specified, our wash process will not remove rust stains, efflorescence, calcium/lime build up, graffiti, vinyl oxidation, artillery fungus, ​or ​tar/asphalt stains on gutter faces and other surfaces​.​ (We do have the expertise to treat these separate situations - please ask for a quote!)
  • Cracked, faded, peeling paint, loose masonry, and/or rotten wood may be exposed during the wash process but is not caused by the work we complete​.​
  • We utilize a <1% bleach solution to perform our soft washing, which is a high enough quantity (even if diluted by rinsing) to discolor clothing if it comes into direct contact prior to drying. Please be sure to give technicians and wet areas a safe distance to avoid being splashed with water that can damage your clothing.

We complete our work under the following assumptions:

  • Windows and doors are securely sealed and closed.  ​
  • Double pane windows​​ have intact thermal seals. 
  • Electrical outlets and fixtures are wired to code​, ​grounded properly​, and GFCI protected​.  ​
  • Paint does not contain any organic dyes that will react to the sodium hypochlorite in our mildewcide solution. 

​SOR cannot be held responsible for damages, labor, or material costs for rectifying any of the above situations. We are not responsible for damage to any personal belongings not properly removed prior to the service date or for any damage that is incurred due to water/ detergent intrusion into the home. 

If you have concerns about your home and wish to advise us to skip your unit due to broken windows or other issues, please use the form below to contact us right away.  Thank you!



Our process is a low-pressure, soft wash process for siding and uses a detergent to clean rather than relying on high pressure. The detergent is comprised of a 0.8% chlorine bleach solution along with a pH neutral soap, which combines with water to provide excellent results. 

After applying the detergent solution, our technicians thoroughly rinse all surfaces with fresh water. If you would like to view the Material Safety Data Sheets, you can download them here.

MSDS - Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%

MSDS - Elemonator detergent